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Enterprise Output Management


Print Stream Transforms

Document Reengineering

Preference Management

Workflow Solutions

Document Accessibility

Accessible Comunications Solutions

Accessible Comunications Services

Enterprise Content Management

Document Encryption

Redaction Express

QA Suite

STEP® Migration

Professional Services

Enterprise Output Management

• Automated transforms

• Document reengineering

• Redaction

• Automated output management

• End-to-end document and job tracking and reporting

• Workflow monitoring and management

• Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MCᶟ)

• Preference management

Document Accessibility

• Braille, large print, audio, Accessible PDF,

Accessible HTML5 and e-Text as a service

• Licensed solutions to create Accessible

PDF and Accessible HTML5

• Make paper documents accessible with Voiceye

• Integration of document accessibility

with production environment

• Preference management

• Physical print and delivery

Enterprise Content Management

• ECM output management

• Case management & eDiscovery

• Enhanced multi-channel management & delivery

• ‘Point & Click’ usability

• Bulk process automation

• Redaction

• PDF and native print-stream archiving

• Archive streamlining

• Standalone and ECM support

• Custom archive enhancement

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